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Do you have Crystals at home and know how to use them?

Have you heard of Essences but are unsure of what they are and how to use them?

Do you wish you had an effective way to help your family, friends
& yourself through the bad times?

Do you have dreams and ideas and would love something to help you stay on track to achieving them?


I’m guessing that is a big fat Yes!!!

Well today you are going to discover how to use your crystals to create medicine.
How to connect to the earth and spirit to gain a deeper more joyful life.
Discover mystery of the earths gems of light and vibration.

In this Online Course you will explore and refine using your gems and crystals to create a vast array of medicines.

Would you love to know what to do when your kids have hurt themselves or are being bullied at school?
How about when we feel anxious and everything seems to overwhelming to handle?

Crystal Elixirs can really help transform these situations quickly and effectively.
Nature has spent millions of years perfecting your crystals and gems, creating specific vibrations that can restore harmony to our everyday experience.

From ancient civilization to modern day we have been using crystals elixirs to bring balance and joy back into our lives. Unleash Your Crystal Elixir is here to invite you into this profound world of knowledge.

You will come away with a strong knowledge of

  • Introduction to what vibrational medicine is and how it works for you
  • How to make your crystal elixirs.
  • What to use your elixirs for.
  • How to safely make elixirs even with crystals that are poisonous
  • Know when and where to make your elixir
  • Dosage and application guide
  • How to combine different crystals for certain results
  • How to safely use your elixirs
  • Understand how water holds the vibration of your crystals
  • Create the sacred space you need to uplevel your essence
  • Trouble shooting
    Plus much more.


Module !

How Gem and Crystal Elixirs actually work to help us heal.

  • An introduction into the basics of Crystal Elixirs.
  • Explore how the combination of certain crystals and water form unique healing elixirs
    quite different to crystals that are worn or used by them selves.
  • Discover why and how Crystal Elixirs work in our bodies and on our emotions.
  • Learn how to monitor your experiences to know what is working and when.


Module 2

Making Your Elixirs

  • Know what quality of water and crystals to use
  • Utensils that give the clearest elixirs
  • Purifying your gems and yourself
  • Charging your Elixir, when to do it and the methods you can use
  • Storage and labeling


Crystal Elixir Combinations

  • Safety considerations
  • How To Use Your ElixirSingle Gem Essences
  • Combination Essences
  • Join in our online community to share experiences and things that work and don’t
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Easy to Follow Downloadable Charts


Module 4

How To Use Your Elixir

  • Internally
  • Externally – Creams, Sprays, Baths, Oil Burners
  • Dosage
  • Combining with other therapies – Herbs, Oils, Massage, Flower Essences, Meditation, Homeopathy, Kinesiology
  • When not to use a Crystal Elixir


Plus as an added bonus I would love to give you these 3 extra modules.
Each Module is worth $49.95 each and today you will receive them as a gift from me.

Module 5

Working with Children

Children have a different dosage and often respond with greater speed then adults. This module gives you an in depth look at specific needs for children. You will also discover how to find out what the child you are working with needs when they can’t tell you themselves.


Module 6

Working with Animals

Animals respond remarkably well to crystal elixirs. The dosage and method of application varies greatly between species. Knowing how to help with behaviour and emotional needs of different animals is explored in this module. Also communicating with animals to find the right elixirs and if it is them or their owners who need to take the blends. This module is interesting and will open you to the world of mother nature in a whole new way.


Module 7

Using Elixirs at Home

Our homes are our sanctuary so having a tool kit to help keep it that way, is an essential for every house. In this module you will discover how to effectively create space that is particular to your needs. Some of the topics covered are cleaning, clearing and relaxation, parties, protection and feng shui using the Crystal Elixirs.